“(Deportee) Plane Wreck at Los Gatos” Memorial Needs Your Help

For 65 years the remains of the 28 unnamed plane crash victims have been buried in a mass grave at Holy Cross Cemetery in Fresno with a small placard that simply reads “28 Mexican Nationals who died in a plane crash are buried here.” Now that we have the names of all 28 passengers our aim is to erect a new headstone listing their names and essentially putting back a piece of American history. But to make this memorial a reality we need to raise $10,000. Please consider making a donation. For your contribution your name will be listed on the program which will be handed out at the public event. This historical event will take place on September 2, 2013, Labor Day, and all are invited. Please consider ANY AMOUNT, big or small. This is truly a community endeavor, and it will require your generosity to make happen. Below are five easy ways you can support this project.






For more information on the plane crash research, book, and memorial click here.

To listen to the radio interview on KVPR click here.

To contact Tim Hernandez directly: tzhernandez@yahoo.com  

2 responses to ““(Deportee) Plane Wreck at Los Gatos” Memorial Needs Your Help

  1. Dear Tim–

    Thanks for your work on this important project–I am sending you a contribution so that the new memorial gets built.

    I’ve played the guitar since teenage days but only learned “Plane Crash at Los Gatos” a few years ago. At first I didn’t understand why the song literally brought tears to my eyes whenever I sang it (especially the line “Who are these dear friends now scattered like dry leaves”), but eventually I realized that the song reminds me of the thirteen men, women and children of my family in Poland who were murdered by the Nazis–they too were deportees, from their own homes in the Warsaw Ghetto, and disappeared into the cattle cars, the gas chambers, the crematoria….No grave, no memorial, no trace left to show that they ever lived.

    Everyone deserves to be remembered, so good luck with the memorial project, and thanks again for devoting yourself to this important work.

    • Jonathan, thank you for sharing your family’s experience. It’s always touching to hear the various ways in which this story resonates with individuals across lines of culture and class. Your contribution to the memorial will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim

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