Fall Update “All They Will Call You”

Hello dear friends,

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this, but so much has been happening since the release of “All They Will Call You” back in January of this year. The book has been getting out far and wide, and readers have been responding with so much love to this story, and to my efforts of tracking down the families of the passengers. Not to mention, my own personal life situation is such that I am now permanently living between two cities/ spaces: the borderlands of El Paso, Texas and the agricultural mecca that is the San Joaquin Valley. I work while on the road for the most part, in hotels, on airplanes, in my truck at rest stops or diners, in my office at UTEP whenever I can, or from a kitchen table in Fresno.

But back to the book…over the summer I got to meet Pete Townshend of The Who in Los Angeles. He read my book and wanted to meet up, so we did. He’s a nice man, and a brilliant visionary from what I gathered. He expressed interest in doing something with my book, so we’ll see how that develops.

I also got to meet Fred Ross Jr., who expressed he read my book and loved it. He and Tom Dalzell invited me and my daughter Rumi to lunch in the town of Modesto in early August. In case you don’t know who Fred Ross Jr. is, look him up. His father Fred Ross is a legendary man who should be on everyone’s history shelves.

As for the documentary, we are still working on that. These things take time, I’m learning. You think the book process takes forever, film seems to require the patience of mountains. The good news is we’ve recruited another filmmaker to work with us on the editing. Her name is Laura Bustillos Jáquez, and she’s from Juarez/ El Paso. She’s done some great film work along la frontera, and I’m really excited that she’s on board. We’re aiming to have the documentary completed and ready for a “soft release” by January 28, 2018–the 70th anniversary of the plane crash, and the release of “All They Will Call You” in paperback.

That’s all I have for now, y’all. Enjoy the fall. Be the example. Stay human.





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